What is a virtual inspection?

Benefits of an Interactive Virtual Inspection

THOROUGH – Upon completion, the commissioning party will receive pictures and a full report, as well as the video of the entire inspection.

SIMPLE – An internet connection and a smartphone or tablet are all that the homeowner, retailer and/or installer needs.

CONVENIENT – Virtual Inspections do not require a window of arrival for the routing field inspector to arrive i.e., “Monday between 12-4 p.m.

PEACE OF MIND – No inspectors/service personnel in the home

COST-EFFECTIVE – Virtual Inspections do not require additional funds for tolls, mileage, ferry’s, etc. They are performed for a nominal flat fee.

A virtual inspection is an interactive video inspection performed by the homeowner, installer, and/or retailer with a Certified Inspector using today’s modern and innovative technology.

Using a video conferencing service, the Certified Inspector will connect with the homeowner, installer, and/or retailer. On the recorded video, both parties will discuss the claim history and events leading to the interactive video inspection.

The inspection will then proceed with the homeowner (or other party assisting in the inspection) showing the certified inspector all the issues and performing basic measurements and field tests done with everyday household items.

*If the homeowner does not have the adequate tools, a free inspection kit can be sent to the home and used for the inspection.